The fairy girl Kamelia will be in Royale Palms Casino!

An alluring performer with thousands of fans across the country and beyond will conquer the heart of every Royale Palms Casino customer on February 29th.The pop-folk celebrity will compel everyone to talk about her again through a unique provocative presence and hit song performance, expressly for the guests of the popular casino.The was a lot of chatter surrounding the singer after Serbia’s most famous tennis player celebrated his win at the ATP Cup with her song. The video of that celebration blew every social media. Meanwhile her new photo session was introduced to the public, for which the only suitable description is “stunning”. Kamelia proved one more time that she is a sex symbol and a classy performer.Everyone at Royale Palms Casino will have the opportunity to experience her performing at classy and cozy casino atmosphere with slot mix and live game diversity and excellent service.We have prepared prizes for the additional bonus game Hot 30. The draws will start at 20:00 o’clock.
Expect big prizes with a lot of fun!