Preslava presents his latest hits at Royale Palms Casino

The pop-folk singer Preslava will sweep the guests of Royale Palms Casino off their feet with her breathtaking hits from her latest album. The star will sing at the famous casino located at 14, Todor Alexandrov Blvd. on October 26th (Saturday). The fuss around her new look and travels to a luxury destinations during this summer was a prove that she is among the most popular artists in the country and a real professorial. At the beginning of last month, Preslava released a brand new album. The interest towards “To Burn In Love” is huge due to the fact that this is her first project of that caliber for the last 8 years. “Favorite songs from the album will be among my repertoire that I will sing for the guests of Royale Palms Casino,” she said days before the show. Further Preslava added this will be her first appearance at the famous casino and that the hosts have prepared special prizes for the evening through the additional bonus game # “Hot30”.
“I am excited about my performance in the casino and I think we will have great time there” Preslava said.