Gerry-Nicole live at Royale Palms Casino

Gery-NIkol An exciting show took place on Saturday night at Royale Palms Casino where an explosion of sex appeal called Gerry-Nicole was witnessed.

The famous singer showed up with a bright orange dress and velvet boots in the same tone and turned the popular casino in Sofia`s Hotel Anel into a pop scene for few hours. Since the first accords of her hit song “Come and Get me” all present were immersed in the rhythm and the mood became even wilder with the following “A Girl Like Me”, “Just killing them”.

The accompanying dancers including the famous Asya Kapchikova, dressed with provocative leather pants, added even more passion to the performance and made the night unforgettable. The guests at the casino included the stars` coiffure Ivaylo Kolev.

To make the night unforgettable, there was an extra bonus game at Casino Royale Palms with great prizes worth BGN 15 000. “I have never been in casino, but I want to tell everyone: It’s a great experience! The atmosphere is superb and people are cool. I will definitely come back again”, said Gerry-Nicole.